WCS Parent Fundraising Society

We raise funds via Casino, Raffle and 50-50 draws and administer the funds on behalf of the WCS Mid-High Campus and Community


Since 2009, the Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society has worked with the Westmount Charter School Council to support our mid-high school with fundraising, volunteering and feedback for the School Board.


We meet several times a year. For information on meetings and dates, please visit the school’s monthly calendar online. Meetings are communicated to parents routinely by the school via email.


Joining the WCSPFS is a great way to contribute and stay involved. Whether you wish to become an executive, or simply come to meetings once in a while, your participation is always appreciated. Our goal is to support our children and teachers at Westmount as a group, while contributing to the best possible school experience for all.

Board Members 2023-2024 School Year

  • Moon Kim, President
  • Thomas Chan, Vice President
  • Youguo Guan, Treasurer
  • Lisa Baker, Secretary
  • Ella Krivelis, Raffle Coordinator
  • Jennifer Zouak, Casino Coordinator