The Westmount Charter School Parent Fundraising Society works with the Westmount Charter School Council to support our mid-high school with fundraising, volunteering and feedback for the School Board.


For information on meetings and dates, please visit the school’s monthly calendar online. Meetings are communicated to parents routinely by the school via email.

WCSPFS, A Great Way to Contribute!

Joining the WCSPFS is a great way to contribute and stay involved. Whether you wish to become an executive, or simply come to meetings once in a while, your participation is always appreciated. Our goal is to support our children and teachers at Westmount as a group, while contributing to the best possible school experience for all.

Board Members

  • Chad Saunders, President
  • Bobby Kailey, Treasurer
  • Ella Krivelis
  • Moon Kim
  • Kristen Robertson